Ask Me: Answering the 5 Most Googled Questions about Autism 

Ask Me: Answering the 5 Most Googled Questions about Autism 

Whenever we’re faced with a new diagnosis or want to learn more about a topic, most of us head straight to Google for answers. While the internet is a great source of information, making sure your source is reliable can be tricky. That’s why our team at Easterseals collected a list of the most ‘Googled’ questions about autism and brought in our experts to provide the answers!  

With the help of Easterseals’ qualified autism therapy professionals and research specialists, you can be better informed about the topics that matter most to you and your family. Easterseals has provided Autism Therapy Services in Southern California for more than ten years, and we pride ourselves on combining the best researched methods and treatments to increase quality of life and build new skills.   

In our latest “Ask Me” video,  Easterseals Vice President of Behavioral Services, Dr. Jacqueline Ganley, answers your most Googled questions about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  

Watch the “Ask Me” video or read below to learn more about autism.    

Here are the Most Googled Questions about Autism:  

 1. What is Autism?  

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD for short, is a neurological development disorder that currently affects one in 44 children in the United States. Autism Spectrum Disorder affects each individual very differently.  

2. What are some potential signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?  

 Most of the time, caregivers notice that their child has not met one or more 9 developmental milestone. Some potential signs of autism spectrum disorder  may fall in these three categories. First, is social communication. For example, not using or understanding gestures such as pointing or waving or having delayed speech. Second, is social interactions such as avoiding eye contact, not responding to their name or showing a lack of interest in other children. And third, is repetitive or restrictive behaviors such as rocking back and forth, fixations with patterns and routines and possibly having a sensitivity to things they see, hear, taste, smell or touch. It’s important to note some individuals will have noticeable signs and others may not.  

 3. What causes Autism Spectrum Disorder?  

 It is generally accepted that ASD is caused by differences in the brain, but what causes those differences is still unknown. The most current research indicates that there is no single cause and autism likely develops from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. 

 4. What should I do if I see signs of autism? 

 If you see signs of autism, first speak with your child’s pediatrician about your concerns. They may refer you to someone that specializes in diagnosing and treating autism spectrum disorder. An autism specialist will collect information, administer tests, and determine if your child qualifies for a diagnosis of ASD. Treatment is more likely to be more successful the sooner a child can access services.  

 5. What should I do if I still have concerns?  

 Remember, you know your child best. So, if you’re not getting the answers you need or aren’t being referred to an autism specialist,  be persistent, stand up for your child, consult with other professionals, and advocates and possibly seek out a second opinion.  


About Easterseals’ “Ask Me” Youtube Series  

Easterseals “Ask Me” video series features members of our dedicated team of service professionals answering frequently googled questions about topics that matter the most to you and your family. Our series was designed to provide information and educational support for people in the communities we serve and help them better understand Easterseals’ service lines, programs, and resources.   

 Future episodes will feature experts from our different service lines such as Living Options, Senior Day Services, and WorkFirst Employment Services, who will answer some of the top searched questions in their subject area. 

 About Easterseals Autism Therapy Services  

Easterseals’ Autism Therapy Services focus is on therapies that are proven to be effective in increasing skills of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and similar disabilities. Easterseals offers services throughout Southern California based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum as well as Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy services. We are recognized for our extensive experience, and we are leading the way to 100% equity, inclusion, and access for people with disabilities, their families and communities. 


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