Easterseals SoCal Joins TikTok: Expanding Our Reach and Sharing Inspiring Stories

Easterseals SoCal Joins TikTok: Expanding Our Reach and Sharing Inspiring Stories

Here at Easterseals Southern California, we are excited to expand our social media family by joining the TikTok universe. With the continued growth and expansion of our organization, it’s important we reach a broader audience across multiple platforms and channels.

Joining TikTok allows us to share engaging, inspiring, and educational content with a wider community. We’ll be posting a variety of content, including stories of empowerment, behind-the-scenes looks at our events, tips on creating inclusive environments, and much more.

This initiative aligns with our mission of  leading the way to full equity, inclusion and access by sharing content that aims to change minds and inspire action. By reaching more people, we can amplify our message and impact even further.

We invite you to follow us on our TikTok and be sure to like, comment, and share. Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm as we embark on this exciting TikTok journey. Let’s make it amazing together!

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Here’s a look at our Tik Tok content:

@eastersealssocal “You have a voice. Use your voice. Because if you don’t use your voice, who’s going to hear you?” – Betty, Easterseals advocate #DisabilityRights #SpeakUp #EastersealsSoCal #OurVoicesMatter ♬ original sound – EastersealsSoCal

About the Author:

Megha Nadasia is the Social Media and Online Community Manager for Easterseals Southern California. In this role, she enjoys sharing impactful stories and engaging content that highlights the organization's mission and initiatives. With several years of experience working with various non-profits, Megha loves the sense of community and purpose that comes with non-profit work and is excited to support Easterseals' mission through storytelling and community outreach.

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