‘Disability is Not a Dirty Word’: How Easterseals’ PSA Promotes Disability Pride

‘Disability is Not a Dirty Word’: How Easterseals’ PSA Promotes Disability Pride

Written by Mark Whitley, Easterseals Southern California President & CEO

Disability Pride is demonstrated daily at Easterseals Southern California. Here, we honor the history, struggles, achievements, and diverse culture of our disability community to realize a more accessible and inclusive world. Simply put, Disability Pride is at the heart of our organization.

We couldn’t think of a better time to launch our boldest multi-media campaign yet than during Disability Pride Month. Disability has long been mired by outdated misperceptions, stigmas, and attitudes, leading to barriers for far too many in our community. Harmful stereotypes and often misguided uses of language have steered people away from just saying the word – disability.

Easterseals and the disability community have come together to say,Disability is Not a Dirty Word! We are proud to leverage our platform and access to many forms of media to elevate the voices of the disability community. From its very concept, language, and design, through to its launch, this campaign is built by people with disabilities.

The core idea of disability – and that it shouldn’t be viewed as a bad word – is one with deep roots and understanding in disability culture. Our aim is to amplify, and in some ways introduce, this critical message to all, building awareness among those who may not be as familiar with disability culture, inclusion, and pride.

Easterseals is at the forefront of changing this narrative toward true belonging and opportunity. Building upon the success of our prior media campaigns, ‘Disability is Not a Dirty Word’ changes the way people see disability – embracing the word itself, and the entire disability experience for good.

By spreading this important message far and wide – on billboards, in media, across digital platforms, streaming services, broadcast channels, and alongside disability advocates and influencers – our goal is to change people’s attitudes around disability once and for all. Our campaign website was designed to include all of us in the conversation. Authentic stories and perspectives will be what truly radiates Disability Pride through this online space. Our words matter; they spark action, and we want to hear your voice.

All together now, let’s ‘Say it. Celebrate it. Share it.’ Because disability is not a dirty word. Disability is pride.

Visit DisabilityPride.com to discover interactive tools, purchase merchandise, hear real stories from people with disabilities, and become involved by sharing your own story.

About the Author:

Mark Whitley has served as president and CEO of Easterseals Southern California since 1989. Under his leadership, the organization has experienced significant growth with services and programs that now serve 18,000 people and families covering a geographic area covering nine counties from Ventura in the north down to South San Diego.

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