Child Development Centers Celebrate Friendship Day

Child Development Centers Celebrate Friendship Day

By Laura Ferreiro

ESSC’s Child Development Centers (CDCs) celebrated Friendship Day on February 14 as a fun alternative to Valentine’s Day. Friendship Day is designed to help children establish positive and rewarding relationships with others. It teaches them about empathy and playing in a cooperative way with their peers.

Children and families from the CDCs took part in various activities, including creating a “friendship train” at the CDCs in N. San Diego County. The kids sat in a train formation, made smoothies to share and talked about what friendship means to them. They also made a giant fruit salad in which each child cut up their own piece of fruit and combined them all together in one big bowl. Teachers led the children in a discussion about how each fruit was an important ingredient in creating a large, delicious salad.

At the CDCs in the Inland Empire, parents created artwork with their children, including decorating boxes that held letters written by each child.

The Ontario CDC celebrated with the theme “Love is in the Air,” and parents took photos with their children to commemorate the day.

Friendship Day was a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved!

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