Easterseals SoCal Participants Volunteer at Comic-Con

Easterseals Adult Day Services participants with disabilities volunteered at Comic-Con 2023 in San Diego.

Terrifying and Uncomfortable: The Struggles People with Disabilities Face while Flying

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities can travel on public transit including trains, buses, ride shares, and taxis. However, a large barrier remains when it comes to air travel – which is exempted from the ADA.

Bases Were Stolen and Home Runs Were Hit During Our Family Fun Day on the Dodgers Dreamfield at Jack Bulik Park in Fontana

Held at Jack Bulik Park in Fontana on the Dodgers Dreamfield, the Family Fun Day gave eventgoers the opportunity to learn baseball fundamentals, enjoy a free Baker’s meal, and participate in games and activities for all ages.

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We Are the 25%

Easterseals Southern California (ESSC) has launched a public awareness campaign, “We are the 25%”. It highlights that 1 in 4 Americans identifies has having a disability, and that the disability vote represents some 61 million voices strong.

There’s No Place Like Home…

People with significant special needs frequently encounter a variety of barriers to living independently, but Easterseals Southern California (ESSC) is committed to helping the people we serve to live, work and play in their communities.

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